Dive Training


Get up close to the wonders of Vanuatu’s only Marine Sanctuary in a way that’s impossible by snorkel. From first time beginners who’d just like to try a dive to those who’d like to upgrade their current qualifications, we've got you covered at Hideaway Island's PADI 5-Star accredited Dive Shop..

Hideaway Island is a training centre with a difference. Located in a large, protected bay, offers perfect conditions for new divers of almost any age . Beginners acquire their skills surrounded by fish in the waist-deep, almost current-less waters right off the shore.

Below are some of the various courses Hideaway offers. It is also possible to take the theory portion of the course with PADI eLearning at home and complete the diving at Hideaway Island.

Before booking any training, check the Diver Medical Questionnaire 

PADI eLearning

Why not maximise your time at Hideaway? With PADI eLearning you can complete the theory portion of your course online before you come…and get straight in the water when you arrive!

With PADI eLearning you’ll use videos, knowledge development presentations and quizzes to complete the independent study and then complete a quick review here at Hideaway with one of our resident Instructor. This means less time in the classroom and more time to relax on the beach or in the water!

Once you’ve booked your course with us just click on the eLearning banner below to get started…more information 

PADI Dive Courses at Hideaway Island Resort


First Aid Course :  Emergency First response, Primary Care/ Secondary, Care for children,Emergency/Oxygen Provider.

For certified divers who haven’t dived for a while, we offer refresher courses to brush up on theory, signals, gear assembly/cleaning and the importance of breathing. Good breath control is the most important aspect of diving – the number one rule is never hold your breath – but it also controls your buoyancy, determines how long your tank will last and helps you relax and enjoy your dive. As the basic refresher, also we offer the PADI ReActivate* Course – which has more in addition to  formalised practice on any rusty skills and gives you a shiny new certification card.

We also offer many different specialties to expand your diving knowledge and experience or your understanding and appreciation of the marine environment:

  • Improve your comfort and control with a Peak Performance Buoyancy or Navigation course
  • Explore new worlds with a Deep Diver, Wreck or Night Diver course
  • Improve safety of yourself and your dive buddies with O2 Provider, Equipment Specialist or Nitrox course
  • Learn about the reef and help to protect it for future generations with an Underwater Naturalist, Shark Conservation, Project AWARE Fish Identification or EcoDiver course, or get into Dive Against Debris.

Anyone certified as a Rescue Diver with 5 PADI specialty courses is also eligible to become a PADI Master SCUBA Diver – the highest certification level for recreational divers. Alternatively, Rescue Divers can undertake professional level training at Hideaway to become a Divemaster.

When you’re planning your holiday, please remember dive courses do take time as each course has both a theory and diving component. The time it takes varies from course to course.

PADI Scuba Diver

PADI Scuba Diver - Don't have enough time to complete the full open water course? Why not try our PADI Scuba Diver Course. On completion of your course, you'll be certified to dive 12m while supervised by PADI Dive Master or Instructor. More information 

PADI Open Water Diver

This is our entry-level diving certification. It consists of a theory portion of 5 confined water fivers and 4 open water dives. Once finished, you'll be certified to dive to 18m. 
Young divers will earn a PADI Junior Open Water Certification (aged 10-14) 

After the course, 10-11 year olds will be certified to dive to a maximum of of 12m and must be accompanied by a PADI Professional.

12-14 year olds may dive to mazimum of 18m and must be accompanied by a certified adult diver. More Information

PADI Advanced Open Diver

For the diver looking to develop their skills, the Advanced Open Water course is for you.
The course consists of 5 training dives : Deep Navigation and 3 other specialty dives (the first diver of each specialty) all rolled into fun program.

This certifies you to dive to a maximum of 30m (21m for 12-14 year old) More information

Rescue Diver

This course covers all aspects pf diver rescues. Learn how to identify stressed or panicked divers.
Surfacing unresponsive divers and conduct searches for missing divers and so much more. But its not all about skills. Most people will tell you that this is the most fun and rewarding course they've done. More Information